We Wanted Enough Ambassadors to Ensure That the Entire World Knew About FENIX360. We’re Well on Our Way!


TEL AVIV, Israel–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#artistsFENIX360 today announced its latest Global Artist Ambassadors: another 16 highly accomplished artists that are excited about the FENIX360 platform and keen to speak to fellow artists, friends, and others about the opportunities it uniquely affords.

These ambassadors are all currently conducting interviews about their careers and decisions to join FENIX360 with our extraordinarily talented and dedicated Global Artist Ambassador Mr. Will Nunziata, a NYC-based Director and Creator of Theatre, TV, and Film.

Tony Award winner, Emmy Award nominee: Cady Huffman

Argentinian star of music, TV, and film: Laura Tuny

Award-winning star of music, TV, film: Karen Mason

Award-winning composer and orchestrator: Eric Fegan

Boston-based guitarist: Jon Jaffe

Internationally-known musician: Nick Throop

Music composer for TV and film: Nathaniel Lanier

TV and theater star: Joseph Allen

Theatre star: Roger Dawley

Broadway star of Spiderman and Rock of Ages: Justin Sargent

Award-winning content creator: Franco Giacomarra

Web designer, brand builder, and performer: Sarah Kleist

Award-winning musician and music engineer: Seth Nicholson

Actress and singer: Lauren Robinson

Broadway star of Fiddler on the Roof: Tess Primack

Pop star: TUCKER

What is remarkable about these artists is that they all came on board in the past eight days after we announced 15 new Ambassadors last Monday.

We already have 45 amazing Ambassadors and the way things are going, we may have as many Ambassadors as the USA (189) by the end of April. We’ll certainly have enough to reach around the world and introduce them to the revolutionary FENIX360.


In 2018, FENIX began building a blockchain ecosystem designed to facilitate all musicians with a dedicated following however small or large- being able to earn a living. The principal was that FENIX should provide all revenues to the artist apart from the small percentage necessary for running the FENIX business. And that FENIX should continually create new tools for the Artist. Since that time, in what FENIX describes as an “evolution to a revolution”, FENIX has focused on making the core feature of its ecosystem — being able to build a unique, content-filled APP in 20 minutes — available to anybody as the basis for a completely new type of social media. www.fenix360.net and www.fenix.band



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