Smart Eats Digital Series Teaches How to Not Get Fooled at the Supermarket, Launches September 23

Created & Hosted by Chef Monti Carlo and Powered by

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Chef Monti Carlo, a notable culinary personality on Food Network and Cooking Channel, launches Smart Eats, a new digital show exploring the ways consumers get tricked at the grocery store and providing tips to avoid supermarket snares.

“I was trying to figure out why my ‘All Natural’ cereal was made with ingredient names 36 letters long and went down a rabbit hole. Even though I know a heck of a lot about food, I was still getting conned at the grocery store!” said Carlo. “That’s why I met up with folks on the front lines of food production to get the down low on the devils in our pantries. You won’t believe what some companies are getting away with,” notes Carlo.

A believer in healthy food as a basic human right, Carlo takes the mystery out of how some of our favorite foods are cheaply raised, processed, and marketed for mass consumption. Through the stories of folks on the front lines of food production, she gets to the heart of how our food system stacks up against other countries, and what can be done at the consumer level to demand higher quality provisions and more ethical practices. Expect to better understand the American food supply chain, and how to see through the marketing hype that has pushed “cheap eats” for a decade as costs of healthcare due to poor diet skyrocket.

The series is powered by Everything Food, a data-driven scoring system that rates over 500,000 food products based on most natural to least natural. Products get higher scores for superior nutrition, purity and producer transparency. Users can completely customize the experience with personalized dietary preference settings to fit their goals, lifestyle and shopping needs.

“The Everything Food platform seeks to make nutritional literacy more approachable and brings pleasure back to eating and preparing healthy meals, on any budget. Paired with the wit and wisdom of Smart Eats, we have a well-rounded conversation started that will help flip the food system right-side up,” said Executive Director of Impact for Everything Food, V. Spehar.

Consumers are invited to check out the entire first season of Smart Eats with Chef Monti Carlo on,

About Smart Eats

Created, hosted, and executive produced by Chef Monti Carlo, Smart Eats is a new series of digital shorts that takes viewers on an eye-opening journey across Southern California to explore America’s flawed food system. From cattle that feast on expired candy to cereals being preserved with petroleum, Smart Eats exposes some of the shadiest practices in the grocery game and shows us how to make better choices.

About Chef Monti Carlo

With her wry smirk and sharp wit, Monti Carlo is a combustible mix of food knowledge and comic relief. The Puerto Rican Chef is a Food Network and Cooking Channel personality, and the Co-Founder of Everything Food.

About Everything Food

Everything Food is an innovative, robust platform that offers search and comparison tools on food price, quality and availability for in-store shopping or home delivery. Users can completely customize the experience with personalized dietary preference settings to fit their goals, lifestyle and shopping needs. Beyond shopping tools, Everything Food hosts a robust resource library translating complex nutritional data into everyday language, all in an effort to improve nutritional literacy and drive sustainability in the food chain.


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