MoneyBrain Supplies AI Imaging Solution to LG HelloVision Corp.

– Providing virtual AI announcer solutions

SEOUL, South Korea–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#AIMoneyBrain Inc. (CEO Jang Se-young), a company specializes in artificial intelligence (AI), announced that it is supplying a virtual announcer using its AI imaging solution to LG HelloVision Corp. LG HelloVision Corp. is a leading cable TV company in South Korea.

From July 31 to August 6, LG HelloVision Corp. successfully launched AI announcers in its pilot program, broadcasted through the company’s own channel. The facial expressions, pronunciation, and gestures of the broadcast AI announcer were incredibly similar to what the real person said and it was enough to predict the wide use of the artificial intelligence announcer in the near future.

MoneyBrain is a startup that uses deep learning-based imaging technology to develop artificial intelligence (AI) that uses the most similar conversations with humans without limiting space and time. In MoneyBrain’s AI image synthesis solution, the AI announcer was created by synthesizing and educating voice data of real models with images to produce natural communication without the production and human resource time.

The biggest advantage of the AI image synthesis solution is the convenience of typing text that is instantaneously delivered by an AI model in a lifelike way.

This is an era in which digital transformation is rampant due to the influence of Covid-19. MoneyBrain’s AI technology, which has high potential value, is expected to provide a smooth transition to a more digital world.

In fact, LG Hellovision Corp. has not only reduced production time and cost, they’ve also been able to accommodate diverse regions in real time and is preparing to produce and broadcast two more new AI announcers starting with current AI Kim Hyun-wook.

Jang Se-young, CEO of MoneyBrain, said, “I hope our AI video synthesis solutions can provide a flexible transition to the digital world. Also, AI video synthesis solutions can be used for various fields and purposes such as AI instructors, home shopping show hosts, and lawyer influencers and we will introduce more business references.”


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