All-new Virtual Music Lounge Turntable to Launch in Beta — April 2021

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–An all-new virtual music lounge dubbed Turntable is coming soon, because music is better with friends. Joseph Perla, one of the founding team members of the fan-favorite original Turntable ten years ago, is back with this fresh version. Perla has worked with a dedicated team to build this platform completely from scratch, mobile first, and is now set to launch in beta in April 2021.

Turntable is a music-focused social network designed for music discovery, community-building and emerging DJs to have fun, promote new music and share live music experiences. Designed as a virtual clubhouse with music, a points payment system will reward DJs who play popular songs that encourage people to make their virtual avatars dance.

The all-new Turntable will allow users to:

  • Discover new music – niche, obscure and unreleased
  • Virtually gather with like-minded fans – meet new people with same music interest
  • Make new friends – connect with like-minded people digitally, through music via the public and exclusive dancefloors
  • Connect with coworkers by the proverbial water cooler – a lounge area ideal for remote workers

“Because of the COVID-19 lockdown, everyone is missing live music more than ever,” said Perla. “Fans of the original Turntable have recently resurfaced, wanting to share a virtual music lounge experience again, encouraging me to take on this project. I am thrilled to soon launch, and I can’t wait to share it with the world.”

To date, this venture has already secured significant crowdfunding and fundraising from a variety of sources as well as advisors and team members from Facebook, Google, Amazon, Twitch and Lyft. Moving forward, Turntable will also engage the music industry to develop a breakthrough use case and business model that works for both artists and fans.

About Turntable

Turntable is a platform focused on community and music discovery from mainstream and emerging DJs. Fun, live, and prioritizing music quality, it emphasizes human curation over AI curation. For more information, visit or follow @turntablettfm.


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